Chapleau 2005

The Sandy Gine

2005 Site Construction is Underway!

The construction of the Chapleau 2005 Webpage has commenced! My hectic schedule this past season forbade me from taking as many pictures as I would have liked, but I'll start with those. If anyone out there has Chapleau 2005 pictures that you think ought to be up here then please send them my way: sexgodinthebuff at hotmail dot com.

Tom and The Sandy Gine on the block.

The 2005 Season

Halex's Crew The Crew
Well, they finally made me a crewboss! Here are the poor bastards that bore the brunt of my tyranny. From right to left in the front row: Moose, Zappa, Frank, Sandy Gine, Blossom, Champ, Amo and C-Bass; from right to left in the second row: Pez, Freya and Giver. In the back is T, also known as the Rear Admiral. Missing is Old Hickory (he was feeling Fat and Gay I guess). Sure, everyone looks happy in the picture, but I assure you that I had to beat those smiles out of them. Also, I assure you that I have not tampered with the dimensions of this picture. I worked them all so hard the whole group looks like a gangly UPC code! There's lots of fruits in there, sure, but c'mon guys, where's the meat?!?

Luscombe "LUSCOMBE!"
My colleague and tag-team partner Luscombe, the chillaxing Yang to my imperious Yin. Our styles may have been as far apart as her eyebrows were by the end of the season, but it just seemed to work. Good cop/bad cop, Kennedy and LBJ, whatever the analogy we were it. GO A-TEAM!!!!

The Tweedles The Tweedles
The comic relief duo par excellence. Amo was ever going increasingly bush crazy, while Champ was all about the slapstick. They were lost without each other, but together they -well, they were also lost when they were together. Ha! This one time Amo flagged me down in the bus and then proceeded to thank god that I had come along because she had somehow pushed through the back of her land onto this strange road and she had entirely lost her orientation, having no idea of how to get back. Except I was driving on the road in front of her land, and we were within eyesight of her original cache! "Do diddle-doo do! Do diddle-doo do!"

Halex and the Bus The Bus
I miss my bus. Sometimes referred to as "The Sandy Gine" after the flag we draped across the back, this was my ride, my office, my storage area, my own little kingdom. It's where I held meetings, listened to tunes, filled out paperwork and collected numbers. It was the womb from which I ripped my tired and cranky crew each morning, and the trash bin into which I tossed their spent and weary shells each evening. I miss my bus.

Matty Just-On-Time Delivery
Driving the bus down all those backroads sure gave me an appreciation for how easy it is to get stuck in the mud or at the bottom of a really steep hill. Or indeed on a well-groomed straightaway...

Well, that's all the pictures I have that really turned out. Yes, I realize that even these are grainy looking, but you should have seen the others! So anybody who wants to contribute some pics to this site, it'd be greatly appreciated. Send them to sexgodinthebuff at hotmail dot com. Specifically I'm looking for pics of Halex's crew members, Luscombe's crew members, staff and parties, but if it's a good shot of treeplanting I'm sure I can find it a good home. Great season everyone and I hope to see you again next year!