Chapleau 2004

Built For Speed

The Sounds of Treeplanting

These little gems were recorded on a cassette in situ but overall they've made the jump to MP3 format remarkably well.

Charlie's Speech An inspirational rant from one of the best crew-bosses in the buisiness (4.3 MB).
The Tom Laugh Both the original and Charlie's rendering (0.4 MB).
A Conversation with Mandy You had to be there... (0.7 MB).
The Family Song Does your family have its own song? (0.8 MB).
Out of Juice The smash hit of the 2004 season by Graham (1.1 MB).
Girls are Bitches The big single from rising star Ashley Johnson (2.5 MB).

Alex "Built for Speed" van der Wijst, season four.

The 2004 Season

A Bear The Wildlife...
Well, first off the wildlife was... friendly. A little too friendly! This budding socialite made a habbit of wandering through our camp on a regular basis. Legend has it that the cook once drove his big brother out of the kitchen-trailer with nothing but a ladel and balls the size of Jupiter.

The Bus The Vehicle...
The ride to work was unpredictable at best. Usually the bus worked. Usually Sean (the driver) knew where he was going. Usually we brought all the essential equipment with us. Usually...

Charlie Mad Other Vehicles...
And then there were those times when, well, things just didn't work out as planned.

Planting Planting...
And then there was the planting. This is not a very representative picture: observe how the planter has freedom of movement, exposed soil and limited topographical obstacles.

Real Planting Real Planting...
Normally planting isn't so glorious. Note how the planter is obstructed and entangled, and how the poplar sapplings block his passage to the east. This type of terrain is known as "schnarb" or more popularly as "kife".

Soleless Tom The people...
Well, let's just say the people aren't very well groomed by the end of the season. In fact, if you yourself are not starting to fall apart by this point, the stuff around you almost certainly will be! We'll lay off the "soleless" puns on this individual....for now.

Survivors The Survivors...
Tough as it may be, treeplanting is very rewarding for those who can stick it out. This photo features the remnants of our crew "Laurier's Warriors" (aka "Charlie's Foxtrots"). In the back row, from left to right, we are: Ben ("Snowy"), David ("Dino"), Julia ("Rockpile"), Charlie ("Charlie", the crew boss), Steph ("Spaz"), Sheldon ("Bonesy"), Frederic ("The New Guy"), Tom ("T"), and in the front left to right: Jean Martin ("Johnny"), and myself ("Doc"). Congrats to everyone who made it: I look forward to planting with you again!

**Oh, and special thanks to Hannah for sending me some of her pics of the season!