The Upper Grand Trailway conducts regular inspections of the Trailway for the purpose of safety and liability. Trail Captains are assigned monthly inspection duties (e.g. the second week of the month) and are then required to submit the inspection report below to the Trailway Operational Committee. If you are interested in volunteering as a Trail Captain please contact Kim at

The general public is also welcome to submit inspection reports in order to alert the Operational Committee about safety or maintenance issues on the Trailway. Just fill out the relevant sections of the inspection report below and click SUBMIT. Thank you for your help in patrolling the Trailway!


Trail Captain Week Number:



Area Inspected


East Gate West Gate
Gate closed & locked, undammaged, sponsor sign present
All signs ok (parking, user ethics, unmotorized, km markers....)
Poop bag container secured and full of bags
Garbage/Litter in vicinity
Evidence of motorized vehicles passing around gates (give details below)


Did you see ruts or pooling water? Yes No
Hazardous trees, burdock close to trail, poison ivy or poison parsnip? Yes No
Motorized vehicles or tire tracks? Yes No
Litter on the Trailway? Yes No
Dog poop on the Trailway? Yes No
Any damage to structures (kiosks, cairn, viaduct, bridge, picnic tables, benches)? Yes No
Dangerous/nuissance animals on trail? Yes No

Please use the Comments box below to send us details about any problems you have encountered on the Trailway.