Funny Through Attrition is the working title of my cartoon series. I'm not really very satisfied with it, but I can't think of a better title that someone hasn't already thought of before, so it will have to do for now. Below you will find a selection of my work so far.


This is one of my earlier efforts: the teacher is partly traced from one of Jen's yoga books, but I did everything else (include copy & paste the second student -phew!). This was done back in my student days and reflects the growing disenchantment I was beginning to feel with the whole ethos behind higher learning.

Man vs The Man

A little later on I made my second cartoon -I think it was two days later. I drew the entire thing myself and I think it shows... Anyway, practice makes perfect, right? At the time I was reading a book about Evolutionary Psychology which contrasted the environment in which the human brain (and hence human behaviour and cognition) evolved and the environment in which we must currently attempt to function. Something to think about, anyway.... It's also a bit of a poke at those compulsive rule followers that push obedience to ridiculous extremes.

The Applicant

This was done quite a while later on -note how my skills at drawing on the computer have started to improve! I struggled a lot with the composition of this one, trying to fit the dragon, ruin, desk, employer and applicant all into a tiny cartoon-box format. Eventually I seized on the fact that it wasn't strictly necessary to show the whole dragon to give an impression of its size. I was looking for work at the time, but I guess that's pretty obvious. I actually put this one on my resume for a couple of applications and got a good response, although no actual job....


If you haven't treeplanted you might not "get" this one, but the theme is pretty universal as far as my experience of work & school &, well, life goes. An individual will attempt do something constructive, and then someone in some office far away will, unwittingly I'm sure, quash it. Thus is the nature of compartmentalized human organizations. It'd be depressing if it wasn't so funny....

Puddle Playing

In this outing I was trying to capture the carefree whimsy of youth. Almost everyone looks back at this period of their lives as one of simple pleasures before the complications of adulthood made life less fun. However, without considering those complications....

Well, that's all I have for now. I'll throw up others as they are completed.