It was a perfect August weekend: the sun shone, the breeze blew gently, and little buttlerflies flittered happily from flower to flower. Too bad those obnoxious Crossmans decided to disturb the peace with one of their boisterous family reunions! Here's an inside glimpse of the festivities:

Alex in Toga Jen in Stolla

ALL DRESSED UP: Alexus and Jenia show off their costumes for the camera. Alexus sported an authentic senatorial toga made with five full meters of discount cloth, while Jenia wore a stolla befitting a proper Roman woman. Both costumes were handmade by their respective wearers.

Bobius and Cathia Robinus and Chrisus

OTHER ATTENDEES: Bobus and Cathia, Robinus and Chrisus were just a few of the better dressed attendees at this reunion. Sure they're just wearing bedsheets... or maybe curtains? I forget where I was going with that. Anyway, it was good to see people getting in the spirit.

Slave Boy Felixus

CREATIVE COSTUMES: Felixus showed up in regal garb, marching about like little Caligula with the legions, while Michaelus was suffered as a poor slave boy who both waited upon his social betters and served as their human towel.

Ludicrus Grandma Attacks!

TWO RIVALS: Grandma squares off with the main attraction of the reunion. His name was "Ludicrus Rex" and he was a pinata constructed by my Ma over a period of five months. Everyone swore he would be smashed by the first direct hit, but Ma was determined to show us up. She laced Ludicrus with string and cloth to give him tensile strength, and wire to hold him together from top to bottom. In the end he withstood the onslaught of the entire family, with three swings each! Only on the second time through did we manage to break him open. THUS ALWAYS FOR TYRANTS!

Connorus The Devil's Kitchen

IDLE HANDS ARE THE DEVIL'S KITCHEN: Well, the reunion must not have seemed all that exciting to everyone. Some family members decided that they would kill the time by seeing how far they could drive one of my croquet pegs into the ground.

Men at Work Maga Project

FURTHER EVIDENCE: I'd like to think that the responsible adults present would discourage this kind of senseless abuse of property. How wrong was I! Not only did they not stop the work, but they organized it and participated in it as well! At least I have the evidence on film.

Out for a Stroll Weighty Matters

FUN IN GRANDMA'S YARD: Sarah's son Hayden and I took advantage of the wonderful weather and enjoyed a lengthy promenade while Aunt Cathy's mobility became somewhat restricted. Somewhat really restricted. He he he....

Family Toga Party 2005

HAPPY REUNION 2005! See everybody at the 2006 reunion! It's going to be a caveman theme, right? Right?