This page features the crazy antics of my friends and family. Sometimes I update it. Sometimes.

Easter 2011

FAMILY EGG COMPETITION, EASTER 2011: I finally got around to ripping on all 46 eggs. Couldn't you guys focus all your creativity into a lonely dozen like the good-old days? Sheesh!

Easter 2010

FAMILY EGG COMPETITION, EASTER 2010: Your official source for all Family Easter Egg Competition results. Check it out!

Easter 2009

FAMILY EGG COMPETITION, EASTER 2009: The yearly Crossman-Clan Egg-stravaganza. Check out the full slate of submissions.

Mog summer 2008

MAGDALEN SPRING & SUMMER 2008: The new baby in ten slides, featuring lying around the house and our trip to North Ontario. This is a home-made Flash program, so you'll need Adobe's Flash Player to view it.

Easter 2008

FAMILY EGG COMPETITION, EASTER 2008: The competitive bar is raised once again. These eggs are phenomenal -if you only do one thing before you die, it must be perusing the results!

Easter 2007

FAMILY EGG COMPETITION, EASTER 2007: The Crossman family is back at it again, leaving no egg in turn in this fiercest competition yet!

Easter 2006

FAMILY EGG COMPETITION, EASTER 2006: The annual decoration duke-out! See the results here.

Toga Reunion 2005

CROSSMAN TOGA REUNION, AUGUST 2005: The anual crossman family event was spiced up a bit this year. Take a look at the festivities here!

Easter 2005

FAMILY EGG COMPETITION, EASTER 2005: The Crossman Family match wits and motor skills with each other in the 2005 Family Easter Egg Competition. See the finished products here!