Vanderwyst Genealogy

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Welcome to my Internet Database on Vanderwyst Ancestry!

The database now includes many van der Wijsts from 18th and 19th century Uden (The Vanderwyst ancestral home town in Noorth Brabant, The Netherlands), Vanderwysts from the Cleveland, Ohio area (1850-1970) and various Vanderwysts who settled in Outagamie Co., Wisconsin. Only Vanderwysts/van der Wijsts/Vanderweijsts/Vanderwists who have been definitely placed in the family tree have been added so far, but the database continues to grow as new connections are discovered!


How Do I Use This Database?

From the INDEX page you will be able to learn more about the many branches of the Vanderwyst family. Names with asterixes (*) have birth/death and or marriage information, sometimes a short biographical note and occasionally even a picture. Names without an asterix appear only in someone else's biography. Sometimes different parts of an individual's life are caught up with others and, in the interests of reducing my workload, these details may only be recorded in one place. So your best bet is to not only read up on a given individual, but also to read up on other people in their lives. I've provided hotlinks like this to facilitate this.

Where Does All This Information Come From?

I have attempted to cite the source of all information contained in this database, but I concede that sometimes this might not be as clear as I had intended. If you would like clarification on the source of any information please CONTACT me.

The sources of information for this database are numerous and growing. They include the Streekarchief in Veghel, the Netherlands (now know as Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum or BHIC for short), the Rijksarchief in Den Haag, the Western Reserve Historical Society Archives in Cleveland, Ohio, the Cuyahoga County Archives, also in Cleveland, the Ohio Historical Society Archives in Columbus, Ohio, and various smaller libraries and courthouses throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania, not to mention historical documents passed down through the family and information shared with us from relations both close and distant. In particular the help of J.Klaver, an archivist at BHIC and Willem Keeris, a Dutch genealogist, was invaluable in finding and discerning the information contained in old Dutch records.

The fact that all this genealogical information is gathered in one handy database is entirely the result of six years of research conducted by myself and my father Robert. Many thanks to our many genealogical contacts who have provided us with help and information!

What is the Goal of this Webpage?

The goal of this webpage is to summarize and communicate our research to date in a convenient and user-friendly format. Also, we're just two researchers searching the globe for lost family and documents. If there are other people out there looking for the same information, or perhaps in possession of some of those documents, this website should provide an easy way for them to find us!

In the longer term, I envision this website to be the focul point of a larger genealogy project: the linking of all the Vanderwyst family trees together into a pan-Vanderwyst family forest! It's more of a copse right now, but we're getting there...