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This is the new home of Hatter's Guild Productions, the world famous (*cough*) creator of computer games of various genres available for free download. "Hatters' Guild Productions" is the name under which I make adventure games using AGS (Adventure Game Studio). The software is pretty easy to learn and very addictive, which is why the game archive is continually growing.

So what is an adventure game? Think of it as a choose your own adventure graphic novel, only it's much more interactive. Adventure games are strongly story-based, but YOU have to advance the story by solving situational problems. There's often no time pressure nor any need for super-human co-ordination: you just have to click your mouse if you want to look somewhere or pick something up. If you enjoy mystery, sci-fi or fantasy novels, chances are you will enjoy the corresponding adventure game genres.

Adventure Games
Besieged Besieged: Or, How to Get Out of a Castle....(21 MB)

My most recent game, released in November of 2008. This was a colaborative effort with Yarooze, since fatherhood and two jobs have left me with precious little time for game making on my own. It's just a short game about a dung shoveler and a castle siege, and is full of toilet humour. We originally conceived of the game as a remake of the Bayeaux Tapestry, however the style (and plot) evolved substantially over the game's development. The full soundtrack by Funkmast triples the file's size (to 21 MB), but provides an amazing atmosphere. The game has been well received on the AGS Forums: feel free to check out the commentary there.

Charlie Foxtrot Charlie Foxtrot & The Galaxy of Tomorrow (49 MB)

Game released in July of 2007. Charlie Foxtrot is a full length game and will probably take you several hours to complete. It's a zany sci-fi parody that incorporates elements from scores of sci-fi movies, books and television shows from the 1980s and 90s (i.e. when I still bothered to watch TV and movies). Charlie, a rogue clone, must escape the Empire of Conformity and then join up with a rebellion to bring it down. To do this he must visit strange worlds filled with stranger beings before eventually fulfilling his destiny. Written with the same irreverance as the famous Space Quest series, this adventure is bound to have you rolling on the floor laughing. Of special interest are the hundreds of hand-pixelated animations and a handy "retry" function that scoops puts you back where you were before you died.

More details are available on the Official Charlie Foxtrot Page.
The Winter Rose The Winter Rose (37 MB)

This medium length game was released in November 2005 to much acclaim, receiving two nominations for that year's AGS awards. This is a fantasy adventure, where a young archer must embark on a quest through a magical winter realm to stop a fiercesome ice-dragon. This game has a sombre mood, which is augmented by some of Vivaldi's music and handpainted backgrounds. There is quite a bit of subtle humour, but it's not as in your face as in some of my other work. Special features are a perpetual snow storm, footprints wherever you walk and the pioneering effort with the "retry" function.

The Making of The Winter Rose documentary page is now up and running! Take a peek behind the scenes to see how the game was made.

AL-Quest One AL-Quest One (24 MB)

This was my first computer game ever -and it shows! It was completed in January of 2004 and is of medium length. It is about.....well, Al. Al is a bit down on his luck. His apartment is infested with rats, he has no money to make rent, and he has the irksome feeling that he is somehow not making enough of a difference in the world. Can you help Al out in this zany adventure? This game doesn't feature anything special, but you can see my artistic and programming skills palpably improving as the game goes on. Besides the historical value, it is kind of funny in places.
Experimental Games
The Paramecium Complex The Paramecium Complex (4 MB)

This very short game made for the November 2005 MAGS (Monthly AGS) competition where you have to make a game in less than a month. It's a really quick game where you have to save a tiny paramecium society from oppressive quietude -but I've said too much already!
Invasion Invasion of the Floating Death Orbs (2.1 MB)

This is an arcade-type game programmed with AGS to test the flexibility of the engine. It is currently in demo phase with only one level, but that level works pretty darn well! The objective is to save as many survivors as you can, while destroying any death orbs that cross your path.
Turnip Twenty-One Turnip Twenty-One (2.4 MB)

It's a work in progress based on the popular card game, only you bet turnips instead of money. Choose your own AI personalities to play with/against! Click bet and then play on your turn. This project is a little rough around the edges, but it functions well. I'm contemplating improvements, but right now I have other projects that demand my attention.